beerpwn Cyber Security Team

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Beerpwn is a cyber security team created by Italian guys passionate about hacking, from Turin.

What We Do

We are graduated at the IT Department of Turin and we work as penetration testers. In our free time we play Capture The Flag competitions (CTFs), we try always to learn something new and share our knowledge. Also, we search for new bugs in some responsible disclosure programs / bug bountys, to help improving the security of a software or to get a new CVE.

The Story

At the beginning we didn't know each other. We were all always interested in understanding how things work, and this passion moved us into the hacking world. While we were studying at university, each of us started to do some cool stuff on portal dedicated to hacking. One day in the department, we bumped into each other and we immediately understood that we had same interests. We were all quite good at break things in different areas and all in love with binary and web exploitation. The team born a few days after we met, and we started playing CTFs, discussing about challenges, boxes/machines on hackthebox or vulnhub and about new tricks. Together, sharing our knowledge we grow up much more faster and we obtained some good results.

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